Friday, February 29, 2008

Swinging at School...

We are very fortunate to have a daycare director that likes to take I got a "fun" e-mail from the director rather than a "dreaded" phone call. Anna Lauren and her friends got to go outside and swing this morning...they said Anna Lauren was so excited to be outside and had much fun swinging. Since she had so much fun this morning, her daddy took her back to the play ground this afternoon when he picked her up...she got to swing, slide, and crawl through the tunnel. Thank goodness for some nice weather...we are ready for Spring!

Anna Lauren (right) and Holli Grace (left)

Look at this "huge" did not send her to school wearing that bib. They put it on her there. And who knows where her shoes are...I'm sure she took them off!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bite Report...

Around 10:30 this morning I get the "dreaded" daycare call...I always get so nervous when I see the number appear on caller id while I am at work. Anyway, it was the daycare director calling to tell me Anna Lauren bit one of her friends and had been sent to the office (yes, they even send 11 month olds to the office).

The daycare director tried to make me feel better by saying...I'm sure her teeth are just bothering her is the reason she bit someone so let me just give her some tylenol to make her teeth quit hurting and hopefully she will not bite anyone else.

Ok...I know better than that...her friend either took something away from her that she wanted or stuck their finger in her mouth, and she bit them. Had nothing to do with her teeth but thanks to the director for trying to make mommy feel better. I have been assured by several moms not to worry as this is just typical of her age...I had much rather Anna Lauren get bit than her bite someone, but what can you do? (Brittany Odom, I've thought about you all day...I know you can relate)

And then there is the bite report that ended with this paragraph:
Your child bit one of our friends today. Please help us with this problem by talking to your child about biting. Matt and I have "tried" to talk to Anna Lauren tonight...of course she thinks we are crazy and just laughs at us!

Let's just pray this is only a phase and does not "seriously" become a it is kind of funny...however, if it happens again, I know it will no longer be funny.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Birthday MeMe...

MeMe, sorry we cannot be there to celebrate your special day with you, but we want you to know we are thinking about you today. We hope that you are having a wonderful day...we love you!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Big Day at School...

Today was a big day at school for Anna Lauren...she and her friends got to eat in the cafeteria for the first time. They are finally all at a "eating table food" stage so their teacher was able to take them to the cafeteria to eat what the school prepared for lunch rather than them eating their baby food. However, Anna Lauren opted not to eat the pigs in a blanket, veggie sticks, and you blame her? Doesn't sound too appetizing to me!

Anna Lauren (far right) and her friends having lunch...

Anna Lauren checking out the pigs in a blanket, veggie sticks, and pears...yum yum!

This is Holli Grace ~ Anna Lauren's best friend! They started daycare just a couple weeks apart and Holli Grace's mom and I work together.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Matt's First Post

Here is a picture of Anna Lauren playing in the laundry basket. She thinks its fun. This is Matt trying out this blogging stuff.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Entering the Blog World...

We have found ourselves to become somewhat "addicted" to all our friends blogs. Therefore, while taking it easy and recovering from the flu (yes...Anna Lauren and Mandi have both had the flu this fun), we took some time to get a blog set up for our family. Between work, taking care of Anna Lauren, training for races, etc. not sure how often we will post, but we will try to keep everyone updated on what is going on at the Calvert household. With sweet Anna Lauren, who will be 11 months old next week, there is always something fun and exciting happening around our house!