Friday, July 31, 2009

Father's Day Just a Little Late...

For Father's Day, we gave Matt's dad (Pop Pop) tickets to a Mississippi Braves Game, and we finally went and celebrated Father's Day with him last night. We couldn't have asked for better weather (thanks to the rain cooling things off a bit), and we all had a great time! Anna Lauren seemed to enjoy her 1st baseball game and even convinced Pop Pop to buy her some ice cream served right up in a baseball cap.

Anna Lauren and Pop Pop...little blurry because we took it with Pop Pop's phone so we could send it to MeMe because she couldn't come with Pop Pop. And of course, we wanted Anna Lauren to look at the camera so she was not going to do that...

Anna Lauren enjoying her hot dog...

We know Pop Pop...she is an interesting little kid. I love this picture...Pop Pop is looking at her like, oh my...what next silly little girl?
You cannot tell what she was doing but this was hilarious...Pop Pop called MeMe and Anna Lauren wanted to talk to her. So she was talking away and then it would be time to would put the phone on her shoulder and clap. Hmmm...who do you think she has seen do this? I'm sure her mother isn't doing 20 other things all while talking on the phone!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Something of Interest...

So we finally think we may have found something of interest to Anna Lauren. When I would pick her up from school, she would ask to watch Barney on the way home, and I would explain to her that she watches Barney at school...unfortunately, we do not have a Barney movie. Well, when we returned from Atlanta last week, her Nanny (Nanna) took her to Wal-Mart and bought her two Barney movies...she was thrilled! However, these movies have been used as part of our potty training. If she poops in her panties, the Barney movies go into the closet until she poops in the potty like a big girl. So the movies go back and forth, but it seems to be working...yea!

The beauty of the whole thing is that she sat in the chair and watched Barney for 20 minutes this morning...20 minutes! I know this does not seem like long, but to the parents of a "wide open" child this is like two hours to us...I was able to put my make-up on and dry my hair all while she sat in the living room and watched Barney. And when she did get up it was to come in the bathroom and tell me she needed to poop in the potty!

Wow...what a dream come true and a fabulous morning...we get excited over the "little" things at our house! So...thanks to this guy...let's hope she will continue to stay interested...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Jack Jack...

Today we celebrated the 1st birthday of one of our favorite little boys...Jack! Or if you ask Anna Lauren, it is Jack Jack! As you all know, we were devasted when Billy, Katie, Adam (Ady), and Jack (Jack Jack) moved away, but we have tried our best to see them as much as possible and Anna Lauren still loves these little guys to pieces, and we all have so much fun when we get together. Today was of course another fun day with them as we got to celebrate Jack's special day!

The birthday boy waiting for his cake and Happy Birthday...

Anna Lauren watching Jack dig into his cake...

I love this picture of Adam and Jack...Big Brother is showing Jack how one of his new toys works and Jack seems so interested.

I happened to look out the back door and this is what I do you like the "lazy" version of pushing the kids in the swings? However, it didn't seem to bother Adam and Anna Lauren he was sitting down...they were just happy to be getting pushed by someone.

Adam, Matt, and Anna Lauren playing in the blow up bouncer (not sure the correct name, but you know what I'm talking about)...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Meeting the "New" Little Ones...

You know the story...Matt's sister Kate had James March 10th, I had Anna Lauren March 20th, and Matt's sister Kelly had Spencer April 5th. Those precious children are all two years old now and Matt's sisters have since had baby number two ~ Kelly had Madeline May 15th and Kate had Mary Martin this past Thursday. Therefore, we felt the need to head to Atlanta, which is where both of his sisters live, so that we could meet these "new" little darlings!

We actually left on Thursday and spent Thursday night in Meridian with our dear friends ~ John, Kristi, John David, and Holt Voss. We had so much fun visiting with them and of course reminded ourselves of just how much we miss them. For some reason, I did not get my camera out, but Anna Lauren had a blast playing with John David and Holt...she even wore Holt's clothes, which she loved! And I was as happy as I could be because I got to run 11 miles with Kristi on Friday morning...I would not be running today if it had not been for her 4 years ago who asked me to join her for a run and my husband told me I had lost my mind...and look at me now! For those of you that do not know Kristi Voss, she is nothing but a machine and from time to time, she will come down to my level!

Then Friday we headed to Atlanta. For some reason, I did not take many pictures of the kids, and I don't have one of all three or should we say five of them together. They are just kind of "everywhere" so it is hard to get them together, but I do have at least one of each of them.

Our first stop in Atlanta was the hospital to see Mary Martin, who had arrived the day before. This is Matt's mom (MeMe) and Mary Martin...
After our visit at the hospital, we headed to Michael, Kelly, Spencer, and Madeline's house, which is where we stayed while we were there. This is Anna Lauren and Spencer taking a bath our first night there...

Saturday morning we attempted to go swimming but that did not go over so well considering it was 60 degrees...I think the high Saturday was 80. The weather was fabulous! However, Anna Lauren decided she liked the "baby" float while we were there for a short period of time.

Saturday afternoon, we went to Jim, Kate, James, and Mary Martin's house to take them dinner and of course get another sneak peak of Mary Martin.

Uncle Matt got a little "snuggle" time with Spencer and Madeline Sunday see his daughter is no where around...she does not know what "snuggle" or should we say "sit still" time means.

This is not the best picture of Anna Lauren but please notice her "boy" pajamas...she was determined to wear Spencer's pajamas and diaper every night. I'm telling you, she is one of a kind!

Sunday we got to attend Madeline's baptism, which was a special treat. We are so far away that we seldom can work it out to be at such special events.
Michael, Kelly, Spencer, and Madeline...

Madeline did great during the baptism but enough is enough...she was done for the day!

Sunday afternoon we spent some time with James...we took him and Anna Lauren to the park so that they could play some before we had to come back home. It was funny...they both had a great time but did their own thing...I expected them to play together, but o' least they were in the same area together rather than miles and miles apart!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ady's (Adam) Birthday Party...

This afternoon we got to go to Pump It Up to celebrate Adam's 3rd Birthday. Anna Lauren anxiously waited all day to go to his party and the wait was well worth every minute. However, I'm not sure if the party was more fun for the kids or adults...we all had a great time jumping, bouncing, and sliding!

Adam, thanks for letting us come to your party...we had a great time celebrating your special day with you! Not to mention it was a special treat because Anna Lauren got to see you two days in a row!

Anna Lauren looking around and deciding what she will do next...

Daddy at the end of one of the slides...he was too fast for me to get him coming down...

I'm not sure what it was, but I guess you could call it a wall...the daddies were throwing the kids up and letting them slide down the wall...they thought it was great fun!

Adam and Anna Lauren racing down the slide...

And of course, Billy and Matt racing down the slide...

Happy Birthday and blowing out can tell by our faces that it was funny. Adam blew 2 candles out immediatly but for some reason the 3rd one would not go out. Finally his daddy got it to go out after many attempts.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Full of Fun...

We had a "fun" Saturday!

The day started by mommy going for a run...13 miles! Yes, I am patting myself on the back because I was pretty proud of my run. I'm tossing the idea of a marathon in October so I've been putting in some miles on Saturday mornings. We'll see what comes of this "dream"...

Then were were off to The Mulhollens ~ Stevie, Emily, Parker, and Mallory. They are in the process of moving so we spent the morning at their house helping them. Well, Emily and I played with the kids and Matt and Stevie worked on loading the POD. Anna Lauren "adores" Parker and always wants to play with him so they had the best morning.

I think the highlight of the morning for the kids was the pool, water hose, and slide. They had a blast and would do fear! Emily and I were just hoping the fun did not end at the emergency room because they got a little wild running and jumping into the pool.

After nap, we met Billy, Katie, Adam, and Jack and spent several hours on their boat. We miss them being two doors down so much that we hardly ever pass up an opportunity to see them and what fun entertainment they provide!
Going for a swim...left to right...Matt, Anna Lauren, Adam, and Billy...

Poor Jack...he finally cried enough to get in the water that his mommy gave in and let him get in with the big kids. He loved it!

Matt was the only one that got to tube...I think we had Anna Lauren and Adam convinced to ride but then Billy decided to show out and throw Matt off so it was over for the kids. They were not getting on after watching Matt fly off...and...Anna Lauren would not even let me ride. Guess I'll have to get Billy to take me some time when Anna Lauren is not at home.

Daddy and Anna Lauren swimming...

Mr. Matt and Adam swimming...

Getting back on the boat...the fun is was time for supper, baths, and bed time.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Missing Our Anna Lauren...

My mom spent last weekend with us and when she was getting ready to leave on Sunday she asked Anna Lauren if she wanted to go home with her. Anna Lauren immediately said...yes, pack my suitcase, Mommy! So...I packed her suitcase and off they went. In my head, I was thinking we would go get her Tuesday night and it is now Thursday night and she is still there and having a blast.

Matt and I have not relaxed any, but we have got some projects done that are difficult to do with her at home. My "to do" list looks much better, which makes me very excited...yes, I know, I'm the anal one who ALWAYS has a "to do" list.

Anna Lauren has had a good week, Matt and I have had a good week, but we are missing her and cannot wait to go get her tomorrow afternoon! And...I'm thinking mom is ready for us to come get her...she didn't seem quite as upbeat on the phone today...her comment was...I just cannot find enough for this "busy" child to do. I sit down for one second and she says, let's go, Nanny! And of course, still no watching tv, reading books, or playing with toys!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July...

We had a great day celebrating the 4th of July! Matt and I started our day by running the Watermelon Classic 5K and Anna Lauren ran the tot trot (sort of). We had lunch at Chick-fil-A and thanks to receipt day, we get to go back and get our same meal FREE (hence the reason we had lunch at Chick-fil-A). Then we napped before going to the pool for a little while. And to top the day off, we met the Mulhollen's at Liberty Park for fireworks. It was a fun day for all...including Nanna, who came to watch Anna Lauren run her first race!

Anna Lauren drinking a little water and waiting on her race to start...look at that look...she looks as if she is really focusing on her race. All we heard all morning was...I want to race, I want to race, I want to race. Poor thing, her race was last so she had to wait a little while.

Check her out...running skirt, race number, watch, and her FAST Nike tennis shoes!

Matt and Anna Lauren discussing her race...she is at the start line. Her Nanna, the track star, has taught her to say...ready, set, bootie in the air, if she is coming out of blocks on a track. Anyway, that is what she is doing with her bootie in the air.
Warming up getting ready for her race...I love this picture because both of her feet are in the air! we are at the real you can see, I'm dragging her...she did not like it. One reason being she saw the medals and wanted it before she ran so she was mad she could not have it. And...she really doesn't like a lot of attention / when all the people gathered around she got unhappy quick.

Still unhappy and not wanting to run...

Yes...this is what she did the whole time...thank goodness it was short!

Later we realized she was also mad because she didn't get to run where Mommy and Daddy ran...she wanted to run through the finish line. So I took her through the finish line even though they were tearing it down.

And then...we realized she was still mad that she didn't get to run where Mommy and Daddy ran so we took her to part of the race course and let her run...and she ran, and ran, and ran. This is Anna Lauren running with Nanna (her Nanny as she says).

And then she ran some with her Daddy...and of course, she was all happy now and ready to go home.

I just couldn't leave out a picture of our "redneck" child...we were all hot when we got home so her Nanna took her outside to play with the ice from the ice chest we had taken. And yes, she was in her panties and least she was in the "fenced" back yard!

This is where the kids were at the end of the firework show, and I thought it was too cute to not take a picture. Stevie and Parker on left and Matt and Anna Lauren on right. Anna Lauren "loves" Parker, and we had so much time visiting with them for a little while last night while watching the fireworks.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Anna Lauren Did It...

Tonight we had a celebration...Anna Lauren went poo poo in the potty! I know this is not what you all care to read about but blogging is my "baby book" for Anna Lauren so I must post all the important mile stones which means, even poo poo in the potty!

Anna Lauren decided she was ready to potty train so for the past two weeks we have been working on it pretty seriously. She has done really well and gone many days in just panties with no accidents. However, going to the potty to poo poo was not happening...but tonight dear readers, we caught the look on her face, ran her to the potty, and she did it! We went crazy and you would have thought she was pooping gold...but...we were so proud of her and wanted her to know so hopefully she will do it again. I'm hoping she just had to do it once to realize all is "ok" with going to the potty to poo poo.

Now for a little more entertainment...stay tuned for upcoming posts. Anna Lauren will be running her first race (100 yards) tomorrow morning. She is so excited and even has a new "running" skirt. I'll let you know if she actually runs, but she says she is going to run and she is going to run FAST! Needless to say, her Daddy and Mommy are so excited...we can only hope she has the love for swimming, biking, and running that we do!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Week in Review...

Meredith and Myla Came to Visit:

Meredith, one of my very best friends from college, and her little girl were in town for a few days this week so they came to visit us Tuesday night. When Meredith left, I realized just how very much I miss her...she is so fun and full of funny one point, I think Matt and I were just about rolling in the floor listening to her. And we were so excited to meet her little girl, Myla, who we had not met before. Anna Lauren and Myla were just normal two year olds and had a great time playing together.

Meredith, thank you for making time to come visit us...we enjoyed our time together so very much and look forward to seeing you again real soon!

Terrible I know, but this is the best picture I got of the two girls. They were not interested in sitting still for a picture so I had to get what I could take. And yes, they are jumping on Anna Lauren's bed and having the time of their life!

Sweet Myla...isn't she precious?

Meredith and Mandi...gosh how I miss the days of wearing each other's clothes, staying up late talking about anything and everything and so much more!
4th of July Parade at Ridgecrest Baptist Weekday:

At 8:30 Wednesday morning, we went to Anna Lauren's 4th of July parade at school...and what a fun way to start your day!

This was a serious parade...police escorts and all!

You cannot really see Anna Lauren in this picture but it gives you an idea of what you see at a daycare 4th of July is so fun because the teacher's really make a big deal out of it for the kids and everyone has a great time...parents included!

And here is our Anna Lauren with her friends Carson (front) and Lake (middle). Lake was not too interested in the parade, but Carson and Anna Lauren seemed to be having fun.

Uh oh...Daddy to the rescue! Anna Lauren's hat fell off so Daddy picked it up and put it back on. However, he held up the parade because he couldn't quite figure out how to get the hat back on with the pony tails. I know...I should have done high pony tails but Ra Ra said do low ones. The big deal is that her hair even got brushed before going to school...she is famous for saying..."no, Ra Ra or Rhonda will fix my hair when I get to school".

Because we wanted Anna Lauren to take a picture with Mrs. Rhonda (morning teacher), she would not. is Mommy and Mrs. Rhonda, whom Anna Lauren loves to pieces, and she should because Mrs. Rhonda spoils her rotten!
And everyone knows Rachel (Ra Ra)...again, Anna Lauren was not intersted in taking a picture because we wanted her to take a picture. However, this one turned out pretty cute of Anna Lauren, Mommy, and Rachel.
Happy Birthday:
Last Sunday I went into Anna Lauren's room and found her singing Happy Birthday. I had no idea she even knew Happy Birthday but obviously, she does. I asked her who she was singing to, and she said her bear. She then said her bear needed a cupcake, which she served right up out of her kitchen. Anyway, we went on about the day and never thought twice about Happy Birthday.
Well, Monday night I made some 4th of July cupcakes for our company that was coming Tuesday. She insisted we put a candle in them and sing Happy Birthday. I convinced her to wait to the next night when our company was there, and we would put candles in the cupcakes and sing Happy Birthday to Myla (our company). So we did...but...that wasn't good enough...the following night when eating cupcakes for dessert we had to do the candle thing all over and this time sing to Anna Lauren because it was her birthday.
It seems kind of silly, but she loved it, and I got the cutest pictures. I love anything that makes her "smile" this big!