Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just Matt and Mandi...

Thanks to Nanna (my mom), Matt and I had a weekend to was a much needed little break from our precious Anna Lauren so that we could spend some time together / get some things done. And it didn't seem to bother Anna Lauren to leave us because when we met mom 1/2 way on Friday, Anna Lauren quickly blew us a kiss and said bye bye...really...before we were even ready to tell her bye bye.

Matt and I had the best time was such a fun memory of what it was like before Anna Lauren. Now we would not trade her for anything in the world (most days), but I'm not going to lie...the weekend without her was fabulous! Oh...and I must not forget...Matt was "husband of the month" because he surprised me with a massage on Saturday afternoon...doesn't get much better than that, huh?

I would encourage all of you to take some time and spend a weekend with your husband (without children)...I am a "firm" believer that it is so good for your I am also a firm believer that it should be "mommy and daddy" and then children...I think it is so easy to get caught up in the chaos and "forget" about our marriages.

And with all that being said, thanks Nanna...we could not have enjoyed our weekend without you! Thank you so much for taking care of Anna Lauren and loving her so much...maybe one day she will say Nanna instead of Nann-ee!

Welcome Baby Mallory...

Emily (my first cousin), Stevie, and their little boy Parker welcomed baby Mallory into their family Friday night. We are so excited to have another little girl in our family...this now makes three girls to seven boys!

Matt and I got to spend some time with them at the hospital Saturday, and she is such a precious little girl...she weighed 6 pounds / 5 is hard to believe Anna Lauren was ever that small but she was...she weighed 6 pounds / 10 ounces when she was born. It is amazing how fast they grow!

Emily, Stevie, and Parker ~ Mallory is precious, and we cannot wait to watch her grow into a beautiful little girl. God has truly blessed your family!

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Matt's sister Kate had her 10 year reunion at Millsaps this along with Matt's other sister and their two boys came from Atlanta for the weekend. We really had the best time...the kids were great, and we just enjoyed our time visiting together and watching the kids play...oh how I wish that we lived closer...Atlanta is just a hard "weekend" trip.

Here are a few pictures we took this weekend of the is hard to take a "good" picture of three 19 month me! And by the way, we did "dress" the kids...but for some reason, we took the most pictures of them while they were in their pajamas.

Lake Caroline...

For those of you who have asked are or wondering...we are still training for something. We are training for the St. Jude 1/2 marathon, which is the first weekend in December. Last weekend we ran the Lake Caroline 15K (9.3 miles) and ran 3 prior to the race starting, which is the longest we will run prior to the race. Now it is tapering time...yea!

Quick picture before beginning our run...Little Buddy, Matt, and Me...I don't think any of us could do it without each other...we have so much fun training together (most days)!

We gave our photographer (Big Buddy) the day off...we told him to just snap a few shots...we didn't need a million pictures of us is about the best picture we have of us running.


Once we got Anna Lauren in her costume, we had a great Halloween! We did a little bit of everything trying to get her dressed and then finally a little candy and our friend Jennifer (next door neighbor) got her in the costume. And yes, she demanded she stay in the wagon pretty much the whole night...she got dressed in the wagon, ate supper in the wagon, strolled down the street in the wagon, etc. Of course, it is not even hers...I think that is why she likes it so much. You is funny...they can have the same exact thing, but they are going to like someone else's better.

We had our neighbors and some friends over for pizza and then we hit the streets trick or was a great time for all!

As you can tell, taking a picture of three kids under two is not so easy...we had a spider (Adam), a monkey (Ann Hardie), and a bumble bee (Anna Lauren). Oh...and we had a little pumpkin (Jack). However, we decided he was too small to sit in this wagon of craziness!

This is Big Buddy (Eugene)...he was an Alabama Fan...can you tell?

These are our neighbors...Emily, their daughter Ann Hardie, and Kevin...

Anna Lauren's first house to trick or treat...she acted like she knew exactly what to do. However, she wanted to get the candy out of the bowl herself...she was not into them putting candy into her bag as she wanted to pick what she wanted.

Anna Lauren and Adam...she was so cute...she would not go to the door without Adam...if she was ahead of him, she would go back and get him and made sure they "trick or treated" together. She loves Adam and Jack and begs to go to their house every day...Katie and Billy are going to ask us to move if we don't quit bombarding their house every day.

Bently Kirsten Roberson...

On October 29th, we proudly welcomed a new addition to our family...Miss Bently Kirsten Roberson! She is the daughter of my brother Joey and his wife Barbie. They have a 6 year old little boy named Ashton and now sweet Bently.

This picture was taken right after she was born, and I love it...she looks like she is looking through the nursery window smiling at all of her family that was "oohing and awing" over her.

My sister in law is a true girl...through and the first thing she did was put on bow on Bently's hat. She will be the "girliest" girl in doubt!

And oh does Anna Lauren love was in heaven...she adored Bently. I cannot wait to take her to see Bently next weekend so she can love on her some more.

And last but not least...the family shot...and what a sweet family they are!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Returning Soon...

Keep watching as I promise I will be updating soon as we have much to "brag" about...such as, our precious new niece who arrived last week.

The past two weeks have been crazy as we have had company in and out, traveled for the baby's arrival, and hosted several parties. I am hosting another party Thursday and then have company coming for the weekend, but I promise I will post once things settle down as well as share some recent pictures.