Sunday, September 29, 2013

"3" Days of Celebrating "3"...

Although it is hard to believe, our little man Cooper turned "3" Saturday, and we have spent the past three days celebrating his birthday with him!

On Friday afternoon, Cooper had his "party" at school with his friends. Daddy, Mommy, and Anna Lauren were all able to go to celebrate his birthday with his friends.  

He is into two things these trucks and balls of any kind. He chose a fire truck theme for his school party.

The firemen at the local fire station are ALWAYS so nice...they gave Cooper fire hats to share with all his friends at his party.

Cooper made the birthday board in the lobby of the daycare...

When it got time to sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candles, he decided to be all shy.  Anna Lauren had to blow out his candles. 

A few of his friends enjoying his birthday their faces!

Cooper was not interested in taking pictures so Anna Lauren took pictures with his friends.  This is KJ, Cooper's very best friend!

Tristan, Anna Ryan, Anna Lauren, Cody, and Cooper L...

Ignore Anna Lauren being Anna Lauren...this is the best picture I have of all of his friends. And...this is the closest Cooper would get to them.

Super fun time celebrating "3" with his school to pack for our trip to New Orleans, which is what we decided to do rather than have a party.  He wanted to go to the zoo in New Orleans and see animals...

We woke up bright and early Saturday morning and hit the road to New Orleans.  Since we had to pass through Brookhaven anyway, we decided to stop and have a quick breakfast with Nanna.  Joey, Bently, and Ashton joined us too.  The kids were WILD but it was a fun few minutes of celebrating Cooper's birthday.  In this picture, he is doing the same thing he did at school...hiding his face during "Happy Birthday"...

Pushing his plate to Bently...he didn't want to blow out the candles...

Cooper was too busy playing with some toys at the donut place...BUT...these monkeys were all about taking some pictures!  

Made it to New Orleans and headed into the zoo for a fun birthday afternoon...

We had the opportunity to touch this kids would have no part of that.  However, it was fun to watch it open and close the gate.

So excited to be on the train...we took a train ride through the zoo! A good way to see a good bit of the zoo without having to walk. Nice break on a "warm" day!

Such a neat carousel...loved all the different animals...

Sweet boy waved every time he came by...

He is so funny...we were looking at the monkeys, and he started making the monkey sound and doing his arms.

The "climbing trees" were just as big of a hit as the animals for Anna Lauren and Cooper...not surprised!

Of course...she had to have her face painted!

The giraffes were really entertaining...they were being really mean to each other...they kept hitting each other.

Tim and Beth, our good friends that live in New Orleans, were nice enough to let us spend the night with them.  Not only did they let us spend the night...they joined us at the zoo and entertained us while we were in New Orleans.  After we finished up at the zoo, they took us to get snocones, then we had dinner at a fun little Mexican place, and ended the night with birthday ice cream.  Cooper seemed to really enjoy his did the rest of the family!

FINALLY on the street car...her favorite!  I think she would ride it all day long if we would let her.

On Sunday morning, we rode the street car to the "local" beignet place, Morning Call, for beignets.  Love these "random" facial expressions.

Cooper really enjoyed the street car and was just as excited about riding as Anna Lauren.

Anna Lauren had never had or seen a Coke in a glass bottle...she thought that was pretty cool!

Other than the glass bottle coke, think the highlight of the breakfast was getting to put your own sugar on your beignets...

Tim thought it would be a good idea to take a family you can see, that didn't go so well!

Tim and Beth...the best hostesses EVER!

Before we left New Orleans, we took a quick stroll through the French Quarter.  Here Cooper is sitting by the river and not wanting his picture made.  I did manage to capture this face...hmmm...think we have a handful of a "3" year old!

When we got home, we had one more surprise for Cooper...his birthday present.  We didn't give it to him before we left because we knew he wouldn't go without his present.  In this picture, he is looking at the box that sister is helping him open...think I see excitement in those eyes!

And after a fun but exhausting weekend of celebrating "3", we have a future golfer on our hands...his very own "real" golf clubs and bag!  He's proud of them, and we are proud of him!  Love this SWEET little "3" year old who keeps us on our toes to pieces!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Special Guest at Church Today...

After church today, there was a luncheon in honor of the senior adults...guest speaker just happened to be one of our favorites, Miss Mississippi!  We were very anxious to see her after returning from Miss America so we slipped out of church a few minutes early and greeted her as she arrived.  

Cooper was a little shy at first, but he warmed up fairly quickly..he just wanted her to put on her crown.

Once he warmed up, he jumped right into her arms and was all smiles.  I looked up, and he was giving her a kiss on the cheek and a big hug!  He knows a pretty girl when he sees one!

FINALLY...she put on her crown, and he watched her every move...funny to me the things he notices.

Chelsea with some of her favorite fans...Emmy, Anna Lauren, Rileigh, and Cooper...

Chelsea and the boys...Cooper and Elliot...

So glad we we got to see Chelsea today...she made us proud at Miss America, and we look forward to watching her this year as she serves as Miss Mississippi!