Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Little Millsaps Football...

Long story short, my job has been a little crazier than normal. Therefore, I spent today at my office working just trying to keep from sinking because I am sinking quickly.    So...Matt and the kids were on their own.  They had brunch at Waffle House and then headed to Millsaps for the 1 PM football game.  I joined them around 3 PM and got to watch the last quarter of the game and take some pictures of them with some of their favorite students on campus.

Cooper being silly with Katie and Anna Lauren loving that she is almost as big as Katie.

Anna Lauren was dying to find Kim because she loves to go to the dorm.  Of course, Kim took her after the game to see her dorm this year, which Anna Lauren had not seen.  Cooper on the other hand is just getting some loving from Kim.

Anna Lauren was embarrassed Matt wore a Miami shirt to a Millsaps game.  We obviously need to get him a short sleeve Millsaps shirt because he only has a long sleeve one.  And...just for Sam, he is doing the "U"...

We stuck around after the game to see Benton...may just be one of the nicest guys on campus!

And then they decided they would put on his shoulder pads/jersey...gross!!!!  

Pretty sure Daddy loved seeing this little guy in some shoulder pads...maybe one day.  Who knows what he will play!

Finally...a picture with Marc!  This is Marc that Cooper always talks about...Cooper REALLY wants Marc hair!  As you can see, he will never have Marc hair, but he can always dream.

And this is what happens on the way home when you spend all afternoon outside on a 100 degree day.  But...much fun was had, and I am so thankful they can be a part of where I work and get to meet some of the students that are so special to me.

Wesson Homecoming...

While Matt was in Canton doing his normal Friday night ref thing, me and the kids headed to Wesson to see Bently and Ashton particpate in the Homecoming festivities at their school.

Bently was the flower girl on the homecoming court...

Girl after my own heart...she didn't want her feet to hurt or to wear shoes that would sink into the grass.

Her cousins thought she needed a little help with her dress...

And this super funny kid is in the marching band this year...

We enjoyed watching him march during the halftime show...

After half time, Ashton got to take a little break and Cooper could talk to him. Cooper LOVES Ashton!  We then loaded up and headed back home...Cooper got in the car and said, that "ward" me out!

Just A Little Soccer...

Once upon a time, I took my camera to every game and came straight home and did a "recap" of the game that day or within a couple days.  Well, life has changed, and we are in an extremely busy season of life.  Now...I take my camera to the game, and I post pictures several weeks later.  I cannot tell you which game, how many goals, etc.  What I can tell you is that we were there, Cooper was having fun, Cooper was scoring goals, and Cooper is loving him some soccer!

GOOOOO...gray sharks!!!

Can only see the top of his head, but he just scored a goal...

This means, he just scored his 3rd goal.  This kid is so much fun!

May be one of my favorite pictures so far this season...and what I love even more about the picture is Paxton's mom looking over her shoulder at him.  Paxton is one of his friends at school.

This one a favorite too!

More games to come...four year old soccer is pretty intense.  He is practicing one day a week and playing two days a week.  He loves it though and that is what matters.  Our rule is if you will not complain and always do your best, we will get you there for practice/games.  My biggest fear is that he is going to want to play every sport, and at some point, he will have to pick.

36th Birthday...

On Friday, September 11th I celebrated my 36th birthday.  Well, actually the celebration started on Wednesday night and ended Sunday night...I'm not complaining!

Matt was going to be out of town on my birthday for his annual fishing trip with the guys.  So...he and the kids gave me presents from them on Wednesday night because he left Thursday.

Cooper was very into the present opening...meaning...he wanted to open all of them and who cares that it was my birthday!

Love his "happy" faces...

They got me the books I there were only more hours in the day so I actually had time to read them.  I read two pages every night and fall asleep.

As crazy as life can be, I sure do love the few minutes we "stop", and I get smiles like these...priceless picture!

And this "big" girl of ours just happened to facetime at the perfect time and got to be a part of the birthday fun!

Since Matt was going to be out of town, Nanna came for the weekend.  She pulled all my birthday tricks...birthday breakfast as normal!

She actually went above and beyond balloons and donuts...she got flowers and cake too.  She knows how to make a girl feel special!

Shortly after I arrived at work, Kim showed up in my office with this LARGE bouquet of balloons.  Let's just say Sam owes Kim one, but it for sure made me smile all day!  

After work, we had dinner at Hammil's, took the kids to Barnes and Noble, and then a little birthday cake.  It was for sure a good day!

And the birthday celebration ended after Matt got back home on Sunday...we went to dinner at Popeye's (yes, exactly what I wanted) and then he surprised me with a slice of cookie cake. Thankful for another year and family and friends who celebrated my birthday with me!