Sunday, August 28, 2016

Celebrating 13...

This Tuesday is our 13th anniversary but our weeks are nothing short of crazy so we decided to celebrate "13" a few days early. Saturday night we got a babysitter for the kids and had a real date night.  Our friends have been telling us about 10 South Rooftop in Vicksburg, and let me just did not disappoint.  The food was good and the view/atmosphere was even better!

Two kids later, an hour drive to and from dinner is pretty exciting. That is two hours of uninterrupted "adult" conversation. 

The sun was beginning to set just as we got seated...

Love this man of mine and have loved every single minute of the last 13 years with him!  

It's sad we don't stop more often to enjoy things as simple as the sunset...and when we do, we think...why don't we do this more often?

The sky just kept getting prettier and prettier...

We were told that we had to try the chocolate covered bacon...Matt had no desire, but I convinced him thinking it would be good. 

After one bite, Matt said...bread pudding next time!  I was weird/not good!  But...we tried it, which is part of the fun.  

Such a fun "date night"...looking forward to more date nights and many more anniversaries with this favorite big boy of mine!

Friday, August 26, 2016

New Things...

As much as I HATE for us to have something every single night of the week, I gave in and let Anna Lauren add one more thing to her plate...volleyball.  She has been begging to play volleyball so we decided to let her, which means she practices cheer three nights a week and volleyball the one night she did have free (crazy...I know...and we haven't even thrown in Cooper's soccer).  There is no doubt...we know she LOVES cheer but because cheer is a year around sport, it gives her no time to try something different.  How will she ever know cheer is all she likes if she doesn't try something else?  So...we did swim along with cheer this summer and this fall we are doing volleyball along with cheer.  She really liked swim but not enough to quit'll see her thoughts on volleyball. If you don't at least try, you don't know.

On her way to her first practice...she was excited to say the least...

She knows a couple kids on her team, but she knows one in particular really well.  Look who it is...Holli Grace!  She and Holli Grace spent the first five years of their life together...every single day of daycare...3 months old through K4.  Both of them are really excited about trying something new, and I'm excited about experiencing something new and different with Anna Lauren!

It Happened... happened...

Cooper decided to cut his hair.  I asked him why...he said, I wanted to see if it would hurt.  It didn't so I kept cutting.  Really Cooper? How many hair cuts have you know it doesn't hurt!!!

When I called him into Anna Lauren's room to ask him if that was his hair, he could not quit laughing.  He thought the whole thing was so funny and could NOT understand why we thought it was such a big deal.

Thankfully it was time for a hair cut so it was really long and therefore, didn't look as bad as it could have...

Wednesday he got a hair cut and pinky promised Ms. Lacy that she was the ONLY one that could cut his hair!!!

Matt wasn't home so I  tried to save as much as a I could to show him how much Cooper had cut.  Cooper on the other hand still keeps asking, why is it such a BIG deal!!!  Lord help us, he is something else!!!

Homework for Mom...

Not sure about you, but I don't love when those blank pieces of paper come home with instructions for something awesome to be created.  They should really just send it straight to the parents and say, "would you make this for your child"?

Last weekend I had what I call "mom homework".  I had to "decorate" this paper doll for Cooper.  I asked Cooper what he wanted his paper doll to look like, and he quickly said, an army man. to Hobby Lobby I went...

While I was making said army man, Cooper walked by several times and said..."wow, that is cool, mommy".  The last time he passed through he decided he wanted to help.  What perfect timing he had...there was one thing left to do...draw the mouth.

My next thought was...this kid had NO interest and now that I have it completely done he wants me to hand him a sharpie to mess the whole thing up.

But...I did it...I let him draw the mouth/trace a pencil line I had drawn.

I thought it turned out pretty cute for a mom that is not creative/artistic at all.  And the mouth may just be the best because he did it all by himself!

What really matters is that he was SUPER proud and couldn't wait to take it to school and show all his friends.  And it just so happened he was playing "army" while I was making his paper doll so perfect for picture taking.  The paper doll looks just like our Cooper to me!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

1st Day of 4th Grade and Kindergarten...

The kids officially went to school on Monday...

Anna Lauren's first day of 4th grade and Cooper's first day of kindergarten...

Our little man could not have been more excited...

Anna Lauren was ready to go back to school and see all her friends, but she doesn't love the "work" part of school...

So weird walking them both into the same school...but...I'm thrilled about having them at the SAME place for 3 years!

Super excited but still a little nervous...he was looking all around trying to check everything out.

He let go of my hand and walked down the hall so big...

Big hugs before we left him for the day.  He is NOT too cool to hug and kiss Daddy and Mommy.  Anna Lauren on the other hand...well, we walked into the school and looked up...she was gone!  Didn't even say goodbye...she is something else, but we just roll with it as we know that is how she is...we "think" she loves us!

When I picked Cooper up Monday afternoon, he said...that was so much FUN...I want to come back!!!  Thank goodness...because...he has to go back for many years to come...ha ha!

I had to be at work early on Tuesday so Matt took them to school...he spotted this hanging outside Cooper's room and sent me a picture.  

Tuesday afternoon Anna Lauren's babysitter sent me this wore her out!

And the highlight of the week...Cooper made a new friend. he says, his "main man" Keyontae!!!  Thankful for a sweet teacher that sends me pictures.

It was a great first week of school...hoping for many more great weeks!  The kids love their school and for that, I am thankful!

Twas the Night Before School...

As Anna Lauren and Cooper get older, the more I appreciate summer.  It's much slower pace, fewer activities, no packing bags/lunches at night (at least for Anna Lauren), etc.  However, that all changed last Sunday night and I was quickly reminded how important my Sunday afternoons are in order to prepare for the week.  And the time it takes to get everything organized for the week. At our house, this is what the "night before school" and "all nights during school" look like...

Everything laid out and ready to start the crock pot the next morning...we eat many a meals that are cooked in the crock pot.

Lunches packed for all three of us...thankfully Matt packs his own.

Way different preparing a boy for back to school versus a girl...BUT...I did mange to throw in a few cute/monogrammed things for Cooper that I think still look like a boy.

Bags are packed...again, Matt is on his own...ha ha!

See what I mean...way different with girls.  But oh my...look how cute!!!

And last but not least clothes all picked out for the next day...

Alarms were set and the kids took several hours to fall asleep...pretty sure it was at least eleven before both of them crashed.  There was excitement, and I'm pretty sure some nerves...for them as well as momma.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

HBE "Meet the Teacher"...

Friday morning I took Anna Lauren to "meet the teacher" at Highland Bluff.  Unfortunately, they do not find out their teacher until they arrive and look on the signs posted outside the front door of the school.  She was anxious to find out her teacher, but more importantly, who is in her class this year.

She scanned this list quickly and the smile quickly turned into a frown...none of her good girl friends are in her class. is the deal...none of them are together...the "group" all got separated. I am not worried...they are going to be just fine!

After she saw the list, she was not digging didn't even want to go meet her teachers.  Crazy kid!  But...a hug from Maggie helped!

She then headed straight to Ms. Patterson's room...her AWESOME third grade teacher, who she totally fell in love with last year.  As soon as Ms. Patterson hugged her, she busted into tears.  And so did I...Anna Lauren is our "strong/tough" kid...she is not supposed to cry!!!  

After some Ms. Patterson hugs, she decided she would go meet her teacher.  Let me just say...she is super excited about her teacher. She is being "drama" about the friends...I don't do drama...she has to get over this!

And this has a little bit to do with the "drama"...she will change classes this year so she will have Ms. Rowland for homeroom and then Mr. Charlton.  Not sure she had prepared herself for the "man" teacher and it kind of threw her for a loop.  My bet is she is going to love him!

We all know she LOVES her some Wells...of course she had to go see her!  Wells is as tough as Anna Lauren though and quickly told her to quit complaining and get over it!  She will also stay with Wells after school again this year...thankful she wants to keep her again for us!

Honestly, Anna Lauren has lots of favorites at HBE.  We had to stop and see this most precious 1st grade teacher of hers too!

We love HBE and have been blessed year after year with the best teachers!  Looking forward to getting to know our teachers this year and making new friends along the way!