Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend Update...

We have taken full advantage of this weekend at home as it will be our last for the next 6 weeks. On Thursday, our travels will begin in the following order:
  • Atlanta ~ Matt and I got numbers for the Peachtree 10K (big deal to get numbers)! We will run the race on July 4th, which we are very excited about running. We will also get to visit with Matt's family. Be thinking about us...we are flying with Anna Lauren...leaving Thursday and returning Sunday.
  • Meridian ~ Matt and I will be doing a triathlon. We are looking forward to this weekend because we will get to stay with the Voss' and see their new house!
  • Gulfport / Orange Beach ~ We will be going to a wedding shower in Gulfport for Matt's 1st cousin and then heading to Orange Beach for a few days for the the Calvert "family" vacation.
  • Philadelphia ~ Heart O Dixie Triathlon...we are relaying this race and are beside ourselves because Jennifer is stepping into the triathlon world. She will swim, Matt will bike, and I will run.
  • Starkville ~ Matt's 1st cousin is getting married.
  • McComb ~ My 10 year class it been 10 years?

Does all that make you tired? Sure makes me tired, and I am now wondering...where was my brain when I was planning all this? However, it will be so much fun and we will just take each week / weekend at a time...we can rest in August, right?

On a different note, my sweet Aunt Pam made and smocked Anna Lauren a dress for her 1st birthday. She gave her the dress, socks, and completed the outfit with our favorite accessory, a bow (yeah right)! She wore the dress to church this morning and looked so precious...and...we even got a few pictures with the bow in her hair. But...the bow was just a little big so we left it at home...not that she would have left it in her hair anyway.

I "love" dressing Anna Lauren for church and hate to take her pretty dresses off of her so we usually enjoy our dresses all day on Sundays. This afternoon we went for a wagon ride...she loves her wagon or stroller...anything that is outside and moves!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm Back... we have been busy the past couple weeks...that is not really an excuse because when are we not busy? Anway, I have taken some time tonight to get caught back up on my blogging...hope you enjoy all I have posted. I will try to do a better job going forward.

However, we are traveling every weekend in July and the first two weekends in August so I am not making any promises.

By the way, my husband informed me he was going to post something tonight if I didn't...I think he is as hooked on this blogging as the rest of us!

15 Month Check-Up...

We got a great report but it did not come easy...from the time Nurse Renee called Anna Lauren back from the waiting room she started screaming. She has obviously figured out the doctor's office is not the most fun place. She got weighed, examined, shots, etc. kicking and screaming. If you have ever seen her in action, you know she is a strong little girl. I think everyone was sweating when it was over...a workout for everyone to say the least. And the doctor ended the visit by informing us it was time to go to the dentist...wonder if he would take her for us?

Exciting news of the visit is that she is still off the charts for her length, and Dr. Joe anticipates her to be taller than her mommy (5'8").

She is a very very busy 15 month old and determined to say the least...but...we will take that any day because she is as healthy as can be and so full of life. These days she is really into:
  • Dancing
  • Playing Outside
  • Putting Lotion on Her Hands ~ who knows how that got started
  • Giving Love ~ she hugs her friends before leaving school each day
  • Waiving Bye / Blowing Kisses
  • Trying to Eat with a Spoon
  • And Has Actually Begun to Drink Some Milk Out of a Cup ~ Huge Accomplishment!

She wears us out on a daily basis, but we this little girl more than words could ever express!

Proud Aunt and Uncle...

As you all know, Matt and I have a love for running / triathlons...well...this past weekend our nephews made us proud as they "relayed" a kids triathlon.

Jake swam 100 yards, Reid rode his bike 3.1 miles, and Jake ran .60 miles...they got 1st in their division (relay).

Reid (left) and Jake (right) setting up their transition area / anxiously waiting to
start the race.

Jake getting a pep talk from Uncle Matt (Matt's face is behind the flag)...Matt helped with the swim.
Jake coming up for a breath during the swim...

Reid coming in on the bike...

Jake finishing up the run...

Nanna was so proud of the boys...and they were just enjoying their
reward (ice cream)!
Receiving their 1st place medal from Brad McMullan...a "celebrity"...

Last Week with the Voss Family...

Well, we made the best of our last week with the Voss family...

Last October, we started having a casual supper club with the Voss' and Williams' once a night we had our "last" supper club at the park.

Thursday night we babysat John David and Holt.

Friday we had lunch at Keifer's with Kristi and decided not to say goodbye. We are going to stay with them in Meridian in just a couple weeks so we felt no need to say goodbye /shed tears.

Anna Lauren swinging next to Ms. Katie and Adam...she was loving just watching them swing!

Katie and Adam...Katie was swinging with Adam because there was not a "little" swing for him...they were all taken.

The Voss family...they will certainly be missed!

We decided it was a special night that called for bubbles. And bubbles we had...they were everywhere...Matt was in charge, can you tell?

Can you believe it...all three kids sat still long enough to read a sweet!

Look Quick...

Look quick...Anna Lauren actually has a bow in her hair!

Every Sunday morning we go through the same thing...mommy puts a bow in Anna Lauren's hair, Anna Lauren dies out laughing, and then pulls it right out. We go through this as many times as mommy will attempt to put the bow in her hair.

Well, two Sundays ago, I actually got the bow in her hair without her realizing it for a few minutes. She kept it in her hair long enough for me to snap one picture and then out it came.

Maybe one day she will wear a bow...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just Another Week...

Our neighbors (the Voss family) have become dear friends of ours. And in just another week, we will say our goodbyes as they leave us. John is done with his residency and fellowship and will be practicing in Meridian. We are fortunate that they are only going to Meridian, and we will be able to see them from time to time. But...they are no longer just around the corner, which makes us sad.

As most of you know, Kristi is somewhat on the "crazy" side, but she has been an incredible role model to Matt and myself. We would not be running, biking, and swimming today if it had not been for Kristi Voss. I will never forgot the day I was out for just an easy 2 to 3 mile run (all I really ran at that time in my life), and Kristi stopped me and said...would you be interested in a long run this weekend? I said, what is a long run? She said 6 or 7 miles (Holt was only 4 weeks old) the surprise of the moment that she asked me to run with her and I really did not even know her, I said yes. I came home and told Matt I was going to run with her, and he are crazy...I will have to come pick you up off the street. You know she is a maniac! See...we always called her the maniac of the neighborhood until we really got to know her. Actually we still call her a maniac, but we can say it to her face now. Anyway, from that day...I have run many long runs, run two 1/2 marathons, done a biathlon, duathlon, and triathlon. Wow...and the best of all...Matt runs now because he knows he has to run to go along with the swimming and biking, which he loves!

Kristi ~ thanks for being such an inspiration to us...and especially for always encouraging us to do more, be better, etc. Now...we still will not start at 4 AM like you...maybe 5 AM but not 4 AM...

On a lighter side, we got to "babysit" John David and Holt tonight so John and Kristi could celebrate their anniversary / Kristi's birthday. Anna Lauren adores John David and Holt...she is kind of like the little sister that is always in the way, but they are sweet to her most of the time. And she is not scared...she gets right in the middle of them and just laughs and laughs. They all wanted to take a bath together so here are a few pictures from bath time...

Left to Right: John David (5), Holt (3), and Anna Lauren (1)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Way to Go Daddy...

Well, we woke up this morning to "race day"...we love waking up on "race days"...they are nervous mornings but oh so much fun for the whole family. Only Matt was racing this morning...1/2 mile swim, 24 1/2 mile bike, and 6 mile run...Anna Lauren and myself just enjoyed cheering for our special man!

We were especially nervous this morning because Matt had been sick all week...we are not sure what was wrong with him other than just having the crud. However, it came with running fever several days, much congestion, and coughing. So...we either thought he would perform well due to having some much needed would be a difficult race. Well, it ended up being a difficult race for him. However, with the week he had, he was only about 5 minutes behind what he really wanted to were very pleased (and I was so very proud of him)!

Anna Lauren visiting with Daddy before the race started...

Matt getting on his bike...he is such a sweetie...he always takes time to look for me before he takes off...

Matt coming in on his bike...he is loving his new bike and thinks he is "extremely" cool dismounting before the dismount line...

Matt going out on the run...he took time to wave to "pretty" (that is what he calls Anna Lauren)

Anna Lauren waiting on Daddy to finish the race...she had a blast and every time she heard people clapping, she clapped...she was such an angel...I was worried I was going to be chasing her all over the place for 3 hours...
(thanks for the shirt was so cute and cool this morning)

Oh my gosh...what a sweet Daddy Anna Lauren has...she was so excited when she saw her daddy and since he was not really worried about his time, he stopped and let her finish with was absolutely the sweetest thing!

Anna Lauren and Daddy walking across the finish line...way to go, Matthew! We are so very proud of you...thanks for being such a good example for Anna Lauren to follow. Let's just hope she is like a little boy I met at the race...he loves his daddy's triathlons and even asks his daddy to go ride and run with him...he likes to do "bricks". For you non-triathletes, a brick means you ride your bike, get off, and run...back to back without a break.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Preparing for Race Day...

If you have a baby, you think you "must" get the travel system (car seat, car seat base, and stroller that all go together). Well, since Anna Lauren was about 2 months old our stroller has lived in the top of Matt's closet...Anna Lauren spends the majority of her time in the running stroller and if not there in her umbrella stroller.

In the midst of getting everything ready for Matt's big race tomorrow, we decided to get the stroller down because we think it will be the best stroller for "race day"...and guess what...Anna Lauren got so was like we had given her a new toy!

We turned our backs for just a few minutes, and when we turned around this is what we saw...I'm telling you...she was having the best time! Isn't she funny?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Once Again, Sent Home...

Well, Anna Lauren was sent home from school once again today...this marks the 4th time in the last 4 a lot when you are depending on daycare and both of you have full time jobs. The last 3 times, she has been sent home for 3 loose stools in one day (per the health department, the daycare must send them home once they have 3) is weird though because she does not run fever, she acts and eats just fine and does not have loose stools once she gets home. However, every time she gets sent home, I call the doctor and they say...Mandi, she is cutting 4 teeth, she is not having loose stools consistantly, and she is not running fever...there is nothing we can do for her. It is just part of her being a baby, which I believe!

So...when I got the call today, I lost it because what am I supposed to do? Matt suggested we call and make an appointment with the doctor and make sure nothing is wrong and if nothing is wrong have the doctor write a note to the daycare director. And that is what we did...we will see the doctor in the morning...and hopefully, nothing is wrong. But....the daycare is convinced something is wrong with her so we must see for ourselves / in order to return to school.

On a funnier note, she messed up her outfit and her spare outfit today so she comes home from school wearing this ridiculously crazy looking outfit...Matt and I have laughed so hard over this outfit so we thought you all would enjoy some pictures.

Looks pretty cute, huh? Cute shirt and denimn skirt...

Check it is a "one piece"...zips all the way up the back...

Poor Anna Lauren...even she knows she looks silly! The skirt continued to ride up and you could not pull it down because it was a one just went right back up.

And then John David and Holt came over...John David was so sweet and rode Anna Lauren around on his gator. He was not completely thrilled because he had to go slow and ride a "girl" around...but...he was sweet and let her ride for a few minutes at a time. She "loves" their toys!

Holt on the other hand, wants no one to get on his is HIS! Thanks to Mr. John making Holt share, Anna Lauren got to get on the tractor. Holt proceeded to try to get her off...this is them discussing the tractor...Anna Lauren thinks she can just push Holt out of the way. Needless to say, she is no "delicate" flower...I think we have a "tom boy" on our hands.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I am a "TRIATHLETE"...

Wow...I am now a "TRIATHLETE" and what a fun experience it was becoming a triathlete!

We left for the race early Saturday morning, and I was so nervous I thought I was going to throw up at any minute. Then we arrived at the race and were completely surrounded by bike carriers, bikes, and lots of lots of spandax (I was shaking as we unloaded the bikes). Then...we began setting up our stuff in the transition area, and for some reason, my nerves settled and I was as calm as could longer nervous just ready to race. My only concern was getting out of the water...and as crazy as it may sound, the water was actually the most fun! I had a great swim...great bike...and a great run...I was proud of myself and finished about 7 minutes ahead of what I really wanted to do.

I will probably do one more race the middle of July...1/3 mile swim, 17 mile bike, and 3.1 mile swim...therefore, I am off to more training...

Thanks to Jennifer (little buddy), we have some pictures to share with you from the race. Thanks for capturing my 1st race, were so sweet and'll be racing next will not die on the bike!

Mommy and Daddy's biggest fan...our precious Anna Lauren! Thanks to Nanna, Anna Lauren got to come to our race. Matt and I love having her at our races...we want her to see how important exercising is to mommy and daddy so hopefully she will follow in our foot steps.

Matt starting the swim...250 yards

Race time now...entering the water to begin the swim...

Coming out of the water...I had a great swim...very relieved as it was my biggest fear...

Coming out of the transition area to start the bike...8 miles

Matt crossing the finish line...I love it...all smiles!

I did it...crossing the finish line...I'm hooked...I want to do another one!