Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Calvert Family Vacation...

We just returned from the "Calvert" family vacation. Matt's parents have a condo at the Wharf in Orange Beach, and we got to spend several days there with his family. The Wharf is not on the beach but has a fabulous pool / water park with a spectacular "kiddie" pool. As I'm sure you can figure out...we spent the majority of our time at the kiddie pool and Anna Lauren (our child with no fear) had a blast. She went down the slide all by herself more times than I could ever count. Here are just a few pictures from our trip...

Anna Lauren going down the slide on her tummy...

Not sure who enjoyed the "kiddie" pool more...Matt or Anna Lauren

Sweet Spencer...is he not the cutest?

James (middle) arrived on Monday night so Anna Lauren, Spencer, and James all got to play for a little while this morning. We were sad we didn't have more times with James...but...it is just hard for us all to coordinate our schedules so we take any time we can get for the three of them to be together.

Anna Lauren had time for a "quick" picture and off she went...the boys were a little more content just playing with the water at the top of the slide. Anna Lauren on the other hand...well...just does not sit still for any period of time!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

1/3 Mile Swim, 17 Mile Bike, 3 Mile Run...Done!

After my first "baby" triathlon back in May, I decided I would train for a "sprint" triathlon. On Friday when we got to Meridian to get our race packets, I thought...why did I say I wanted to do this...I was a nervous wreck (to say the least)!

But...Saturday morning came, and I raced! I finished within my "goal" time and I guess you could say enjoyed the race. The swim was great, the bike was terrible...the hills were unbelievable...the last hill I climbed, I really thought I was going to cry...but...I kept pushing and made it up the hill and all was well. Then I started the run, which I usually love...however, I was struggling...I finally "almost" caught up to Matt. I could see Matt for 1/2 mile or so and really wanted to catch up to him to help me finish up because like I said, I was struggling. Finally when a guy ran by me, I said, "will you tell that guy in the blue shirt his wife really needs him"? The guy laughed at me and said ok...I'll tell him. Of course by this time, I had almost caught Matt, and he like...I'm not slowing down...you are going to blow right by me. He then realized all I wanted was to walk through the water stop and finish with him...and it was such a joy for me to finish with him...I would not be running, biking, or swimming without his support and help with Anna Lauren...we are in this together for sure!

Matt and I finishing the race ...

This is Kristi finishing the race...she is not only a dear friend but an outstanding athlete. We had such a good time staying with the Voss' in Meridian. They have a beautiful new house, and we love their family so much. So...it was a good weekend to spend some time with them as well as race together.

Eugene, Matt, and Mandi after the race...

The Buddies...Jennifer cheered her heart out for all of us as well as took pictures. Eugene had a great race and got 2nd in his age group...way to go, Eugene!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Peach Tree 2008 Race Photos

Here are a few race photos from the PeachTree 10k on July 4th 2008.

4th of July Continued...

We got the pictures back from the disposable camera we took to the race...in case you don't know, the end result of taking pictures with a disposable camera while running is many blurred pictures. Thank goodness for professional photographers that took pictures of us while running because we would be in sad shape if we were depending on our own. However, I do have a couple "still" shots...

Who knows what happened to this picture...like I said, disposable camera. Anyway, this was our "group" waiting on the MARTA to take us to the start.
Left to Right: Lori (Kelly's Friend), Kate (Matt's Sister), Michael (Kelly's Husband), Kelly (Matt's Sister), Mandi, and Matt

Matt and Mandi at the start line waiting on the race to start...

This was coming home Sunday...we had to actually walk out to our plane. Look at Anna Lauren...this makes Matt and I sad...she is such a big girl now (yes, she is walking and carrying her own back pack)!

Anna Lauren on the airplane and loving life! She had her own seat, loved the cookie that the flight attendant gave her...and...shortly after the cookie came the ice...all was good for Anna Lauren!

We are all packed and ready for adventure #2...Matt and I are headed to Meridian tomorrow. We will be staying with the Voss', which we are very excited about, and we are doing a triathlon Saturday morning. This is a "big" one for me...little nervous but excited...1/3 mile swim, 17 mile bike, 3 mile run. Anna Lauren gets to stay at home with Nanna.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th of July...

We have returned from Atlanta...and what a fun time we had with Matt's family and especially Anna Lauren's two cousins (James and Spencer)!

We flew to Atlanta Thursday afternoon and we could not have asked for Anna Lauren to be any better on the plane. The only hard part was that she just wiggled...Matt and I were worn out by the time we landed. But...what do you expect...she hates being confined! We were very fortunate on the flight back because no one was sitting in front of us...therefore, Anna Lauren and I moved up a seat and she had much more room to wiggle/play. And then came the cup of ice...she played with the ice for 20 minutes at least...needless to say, we had to change her clothes before getting off the plane...but who cares...she sat in her seat and was entertained!

Matt and I did have a good race Friday morning...we actually took a disposable camera with us during the race...once we get those pictures developed, we will share them. There are also some pictures on that camera of Anna Lauren on the airplane.

Here are just a few of the pictures we took during the 4th of July weekend...

Anna Lauren's 4th of July parade at school ~ Anna Lauren (front left) and Holli Grace (front right). Notice their matching outfits we bought them...they were adorable!

4th of July Morning...Anna Lauren and James enjoying a wagon ride...

4th of July Afternoon ~ Swimming at Michael and Kelly's Subdivision Pool

Saturday Night ~ Bath Time (Left to Right: Spencer, Anna Lauren, James)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Let the Fun Begin...

Well, we are all packed and ready for our first adventure!

We will post pictures of Anna Lauren's 4th of July parade at school (it's tomorrow morning) as well as our Atlanta weekend when we return. And no worries...we will also let you know how our flight goes with the precious little one!

We hope everyone has a happy 4th of July and enjoys their long holiday weekend!