Sunday, July 29, 2012

Brookhaven Exchange Club Fair...

Summer would not be complete without a trip to the Brookhaven Exchange Club Fair...Anna Lauren talks about two things all year...Vacation Bible School at FBC, Brookhaven and the Brookhaven fair.  And thanks to Nanna, she was able to do both this summer and loved every minute of them.

Thanks for a super fun Saturday night Nanna...the grandkids all had so much fun.  However, it was a little different this year...Reid had been in band camp from 8 AM to 9 PM all week so he was too tired to even go and Jake rode with us and then hung out with his friends until we sent him a "let's go" text.  The big grandkids are teenagers for sure!

Anna and Anna Lauren (Anna's biggest fan)...Anna Lauren was so excited to see Anna...she was not expecting to see her at the fair.  It was fun...we got to see all our family / cousins...everyone was there!

Joey and Barbie had Madison (a family friend) with them...Anna Lauren immediately latched on to her.  She LOVES "big" girls and Madison was so sweet...she rode all the rides with Anna Lauren.

I think Cooper was the most fun to watch...he loved all the little kid rides and had himself the best time.

So proud...we decided she was big enough to ride the swings this year!  At this fair there are no height limitations, just do whatever your parents will allow.  I was a little hesitant about this (look at the'll understand why), but let me just say, she loved it! 

They rode the swings three times...let's just say that back to back right before we left was not a good idea.  Anna Lauren experienced motion sickness for the first time and threw up all in Nanna's yard when we got home.  But...she said it was worth it because the swings were so fun!

Here she goes!

Higher and Faster...I gave her a big speech about not letting go.  Joey was like, Mandi look at her...she and Madison were holding hands.  Sweet...but...she really should have been holding on I think!

Bently rode all the rides with Cooper...they thought the car was great fun!

The airplanes...not so much fun...I couldn't even get a smile on this ride.

So...this just seems cruel to me...looks just like a cage!  However, Bently and Cooper climbed on and rode this "baby" ferris wheel.  Needless to say, Cooper was trying to get out of the "cage" by the end.

Anna Lauren rode the carousel with Bently and Cooper...other than that, she was pretty much on all the "big" rides.

Madison didn't want to ride the ferris wheel and after last year, Matt said he would never ride it rode with Anna Lauren...we had fun!  The funny thing about this fair is that the rides are the same ones my mom rode on as a can be a bit scary according to Matt.

Finally a smile out of Bently...I have the hardest time getting her to smile for a picture!

Jack's 4th Birthday...

Saturday morning we celebrated Jack's 4th birthday...he had a super hero party at his house.  The kids were entertained by an inflatable water slide...hours and hours of fun! 

Thanks Williams family...we had a super fun time and LOVED celebrating with Jack Jack!

Cooper was so proud...he finally made it to the top!

All smiles...he LOVES anything that involves water...

Jack, the birthday boy!

Cooper and Ellie...these two are not scared of ANYTHING!  And Anna Lauren couldn't stand them getting all the attention so she had to join in the fun.

How many kids can slide at once...and look at Anna Lauren...not even phased she is the only girl.  She is one tough little girl!

And it wouldn't be a fun party without Mr. Matt...he makes everything more fun!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Last Super Fun Friday...

Today was a bittersweet was bitter because it was my last Friday to work 1/2 day (I work 1/2 day on Fridays in June and July), but it was sweet because we got to spend the afternoon with our dear friends, the Bounds family.  Matt and Jeremy were at work, but me and Christy had a fun afternoon with all the kiddos...and thanks to Christy's parents we got to enjoy the afternoon at their pool.

And our last super fun Friday would not be complete without some pictures...

Emmy, Anna Lauren, and Rileigh...

LOVE this child...this picture is so her!

And this picture is so Anna Lauren!

Another picture that is just so "Emmy"...

Poor Emmy...look at her face...

If Cooper wasn't in the pool, he wanted the water hose.  And he even figured out how to be "sneaky" and turn it on himself.  Can we say all boy?

For some reason, this picture is just funny to me! The child has NO fear of the water!  He cannot be near water without his floaties because he is going in and most likely in the deep end.

Smiles, and smiles, and smiles...that is what I call a good day!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Calm Before the Storm...

Yesterday I realized I had not posted in a while...I then realized maybe this is the calm before the storm.  In a little less than 2 weeks our world as we know it is going to be turned upside down...Anna Lauren will start kindergarten at Highland Bluff and Cooper will move to a new room at Ridgecrest Weekday.  This seems simple until I look at the calendar and the many end of the year parties, back to school meetings, church commitments, tumble/cheer, and just the logistics of having the kids at two separate places.  What a blessing it has been for them to be together until this point.  However, we will get a new routine and everything will be just FINE...but...I am expecting an adjustment period, which is what makes me a little nervous.  I'm such a structured/routine person that change sometimes "stresses" me.

Now there is some nervous-ness but I must also say there is a LOT of excitement.  Anna Lauren would have gone to kindergarten when we registered in February so I'm so excited for her and what she is about to experience.  And for me, I'm excited about kindergarten as well...what a wonderful step into the next phase of her life that we will all take together as a family.  LOVE every phase they go through and all the excitement that comes with each phase.

This weekend we actually have several fun things't be disappointed because there will be some pictures to share. 

And for now...we'll enjoy our "calm"...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Crazy Hair Day...

Yesterday was crazy hair day at school for the little ones...Anna Lauren wanted several pony tails with bows and Daddy was in charge of Cooper.  Needless to say, Cooper was pretty proud of his "crazy" hair.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Calvert Cousins...

This weekend we went to Gulfport to celebrate Pop Pop and MeMe's 40th Anniversary, which took most of our weekend as we partied Friday and Saturday night.  But...Anna Lauren and Cooper did have some time to play with their "Calvert" cousins on Saturday and a little while Sunday morning.

Saturday morning the kids enjoyed the water slide at Pop Pop and MeMe's is Cooper just loving life...the kid loves water!

Anna Lauren striking a pose while she waits on the slide to get ready...

This picture is kind of mean, but I couldn't resist taking a picture of this pitiful face...poor Madeline!

LOVE these tutu booties...makes me sad Anna Lauren has outgrown these swimsuits!

He looks so big in this picture...where did the baby go?

Mary Martin enjoying the slide...

After the kids got tired of the water slide, a few of us headed to the beach...I was trying to get Madeline to smile, which she was...but...the sun was so bright her eyes wouldn't stay open.

Popsicle and the couldn't be better for this little guy!

Anna Lauren, Cooper, and Madeline had a great time playing at the beach together...

While all the other kids napped, Matt and I took Anna Lauren and James on the golf cart...

Even though she doesn't see them often...she loves all her cousins and enjoys spending time with them. 

Surprise...the golf cart made it back to the beach...this is the end of the smiles though...Anna Lauren was running and fell...messed up both knees and an elbow...however, she was so tough...I was proud because it could have easily been the end of her day / major melt down.

You know...the beach is the beach...doesn't matter where you are...this is just a "happy" picture!