Friday, June 29, 2012

Before and After...

Last summer Anna Lauren decided she wanted short hair, this past year she let it grow because she wanted long hair, last week she decided she wanted short hair again.  So...I took her and Cooper for hair cuts today.  And of course, I took before and after pictures!

Before...and kind of a mess...she had been swimming at school.

After...not that it is not cute but it was much cuter after I dried it tonight.  The lady that cut it didn't do anything to it besides wet and cut...I wanted her to dry/roller brush it...but oh well, we did it tonight and it was oh so cute!

Thankfully Anna Lauren had candy shop at school today and she she shared her sucker with kept him very entertained during his hair cut.

Wow...such a BIG boy!  These boys are different...he needs a hair cut about once a month...that is so not the case with little girls.

Future Swimmer...

So we are thinking the little man is considering being a swimmer!  This week he found Daddy's swim cap and goggles, and he puts them on and wears them around the house for quite some time.

And if swimming is what he decides, well, he is mighty cute in a swim cap and goggles!

Swim Lessons...

Thursday was "parent watch day" for the conclusion of two weeks of swim lessons.  This was Anna Lauren's third year with Ms. Debra, and once again, she LOVED it!  The kid has no fear and absolutely LOVES the water!  The fun part about this year is that it has finally all clicked...she can now really swim anywhere she wants in the pool.  Like really swim!  Matt and I watch her when we are swimming, and we are like, look at her, she can really swim.  So fun to watch her grow and learn so many different things!

Nothing better than these "natural" smiles...I don't think she quit smiling the entire time we were there watching.

Cannon ball...they could pick their "jump" and then swim to Ms. Debra...

Proving if she is pushed in the water or falls in the water that she can swim to the side and get out...


Waiting for their friends to have their turn...

More smiles...

Think this may be one of the most fun things...the slide!

And last but not least...telling Ms. Debra something...she ALWAYS has something to say!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

4th of July Parade...

Anna Lauren and Cooper had their 4th of July parade at Ridgecrest Baptist Weekday was Cooper's 1st and Anna Lauren's last parade...kind of bitter sweet!

They were very cooperative this morning before we left so I was able to get some cute pictures of them in their red, white, and blue all ready for parade day.  That is if you can ignore the muffin bag...Cooper was not letting go of it for pictures.

Let's just say Cooper didn't know what to think about the parade...he just got in his own little world and marched to the beat of his own drum.  He never cried for us though...just kept this "confused" look.

Ms. Rena trying to get him to join the rest of his friends...

The "big" girl knew exactly what to do...she waved her flag and had herself a good time!

Anna Lauren couldn't wait to find Cooper after the parade...Cooper however, couldn't take his eyes off the popsicles they were passing out to all the kids.

Best part of his day!

Hard to believe these two are off to "big girl" school...oh the memories we have together that will always be cherished!

This is Cooper's class...just amazes me these little ones sit still and don't move...I mean I'm sure the popsicles help but still...why can they not behave this way at home?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Finally...A Boat Ride!

If I had $10 for every time Anna Lauren asked me if we could go out on Mr. Billy's boat, I would have enough money saved to go to Disney World.  The kid LOVES Mr. Billy's boat.  However, after patiently waiting and asking a million times, the day came to go on Mr. Billy's boat.  We spent Saturday morning on the boat and then went to the Williams house to eat lunch and play.  It was a super fun day...we ALWAYS have a good time with the Williams family!  And thanks Mr. Billy for taking Anna Lauren...she is one happy girl now!

Can you tell she was happy to be on the boat?

Adam and Jack are a little more hesitant...but...not Ellie!  The second the boat stops, she is ready to jump in for a swim.  No telling how long her Mommy made her soak in the bath to get all that reservoir funk off.  Katie doesn't get in the water with us...she thinks it is gross!

Off the boat she goes...too bad I couldn't see her face...

And in goes Cooper!

Cooper didn't cry and seemed to enjoy himself...but...I'm not sure he knew what to think!

Not only did she want to ride on the boat...she wanted to ride on the tube...

Let's go Mr. Billy...I'm ready!

Doing good...all smiles!


Still smiling...

She's got faster, which meant bumpy...she did NOT like that!

So...maybe it will be more fun with Daddy!

Nope...too bumpy...she was done!  She informed me Mr. Billy needed to take the banana or buy a tube that she could sit in...she wants to sit up.  I mean she isn't picky, huh?

And this little guy was completely happy sound asleep...wind blowing through his hair and Anna Lauren's sunglasses blocking the sun...I may could have gone to sleep too!

VBS Family Night...

Last week was VBS at Ridgecrest and on Thursday night the church hosted family night...there was a short service where the children sang the songs they had learned.  After the service we headed to the gym for supper and inflatables.  Unfortunately, we had two things on one night so the kids only got to play for a few minutes before our next commitment (fitting for cheer practice clothes...big deal for little Anna Lauren).

Thanks to Ridgecrest and all the volunteers, it was a fun week for Anna Lauren!  She got to do VBS twice (FBC, Brookhaven and Ridgecrest) this year, and she loved every minute of both of them.  And for  me, I just love listening to her walk around singing the songs over and over and over!

Here are a few pictures of her singing Thursday night...the kid LOVES singing and especially on a stage! 

She is not going to miss a motion...

This picture is funny to me...I guess Emmy and Anna Lauren were waiting on the next song to start.