Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Time Has Come...

I decided to go ahead and write tonight because tomorrow night I will be preparing for Soak Up the Sun. Yes, the time has come for my very first triathlon...on Saturday morning, I will swim 250 yards (very nervous about the swim as I feel it is my weakness for sure), bike 8 miles, and run 2 miles. I am pretty confident about the bike and run as I ran 2 miles, biked 10 miles, and ran 2 more miles in a duathlon last weekend. I feel as if I have trained well and now I am excited that the time has finally come...I've been planning to do this race since December so I am ready to say the least...a little nervous but ready!

Matt on the other hand, will be entering his 3rd summer of triathlon season. He will be racing Saturday just as a good training day...his "big" race will be next weekend as he participates in the Heatwave (1/2 mile swim, 24 1/2 mile bike, and 6 mile run).

We will keep you updated on our races...hopefully we can get some pictures this weekend and for sure there will be some next weekend because I will be the cheerleader / racing for me. There are certain times that I just enjoy sitting back and supporting Matt and next weekend is one of them.

And I know you are all wondering...Anna Lauren is doing great in her new room...they say she is so good and she has napped every day on her mat without any trouble...I'm so proud of her!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Calvert Family Fun...

We took advantage of the long weekend and went to Gulfport to visit with Matt's family...and what a fun time we had watching the kids play together (cousins Anna Lauren, Spencer, and Annie).

Matt and I also competed in a duathlon Saturday 2nd time racing on my bike and Matt's first time on his new bike. We had a great race and even though we didn't win anything (we never do...but we always have a great time), we both had a great race and it was very obvious we were much stronger than when we raced in April. It was definitely a good training day for our triathlon (my first), which is this weekend.

Spencer and Anna Lauren swinging on the swing at Poppie and MeMe's...

It was hot Saturday afternoon so we decided it would be fun to let the kids play in the sprinklers. Anna Lauren just preferred to "ride" Poppie's John Deer tractor sprinkler. She was not too crazy about the water from the sprinkler hitting her in the face.

Spencer on the other hand, "loved" the sprinker...he sat there and did not move. Of course, you would have thought we had not given the child anything to drink all day because he sat there with his mouth wide open trying to take in as much water as he could...too funny!

Uncle Jan and Aunt Kay rented a condo on the beach so Sunday we went to the condo for some fun in the sun...swimming / beach time! This is Spencer and his mommy (Matt's sister Kelly).
Look at Anna Lauren...yes, in just one week, she somewhat has changed her mind about the sand...she walked all the way from the pool to the beach and did not make one wimper about the sand...we were so proud!

Can it get any sweeter than this? Spencer loved playing in the sand...Anna Lauren was "ok" until she realized it was on her hands. Then she wanted to get in the water and wash it off. No complaints from mommy and daddy though because she has made huge progrees since last week when we were in Orange Beach.

Anna Lauren and Daddy playing in the water...she had no fear of walking out into the water...
Anna Lauren sharing her turtle float with Spencer...and of course, giving Spencer some love. She was so funny with Spencer...she would love him, feed him food off her high chair tray, etc...such a fun time for the two of is going to be so fun watching them grow up together.

Sunday was Aunt Kay's birthday so we celebrated with cookie cake...Happy Birthday, Aunt Kay...thanks for letting us share your special day with you!

Left to Right : Uncle Jan, Aunt Kay, Anthony, and Laurie (Laurie is Jan and Kay's daughter and Matt's 1st cousin...Anthony is her husband)

And the most fun of all...jumping on the bed...Annie is in the center...she had just got her turn of being thrown on the bed...they were having so much fun playing...

I'm a Toddler Now...

Well, our "baby" is now a "toddler"...and if she was not so bored in the nursery at school, I think I would be sad. However, she has truly outgrown the nursery, and we have been anxiously awaiting for a spot to become available for her in the toddler room. Friday was her last day in the nursery and she will be in the toddler room Tuesday morning...with a nap mat in hand and all...yes, she will no longer nap in a bed...she is a big girl now that will have her very own mat...I'm curious to see how this will go tomorrow. I think she will be so tired that when they put her on the mat (maybe the 10th time they put her back on the mat) she will crash and from that point understand the concept of napping on a mat...let's hope so anyway (for the teacher's sake at least). I write this, I am trying to be the "big" girl that says she is not sad...but the thought of going and getting that mat out of the closet and telling her to have a good day with the big kids, does break my heart just a little. I have to remind myself that moving up is for her benefit and she is going to be such a happier child everyday. She will always be our "baby" but we do have to let her grow up and become the little girl God has planned for her to become.

We took the below pictures Friday...and for some reason, she would not take the pictures with her teachers by herself even though she loves both of them. Who knows...she has a mind of her on sometimes (well, all the time).

This is Ms. Ashley...Anna Lauren's morning teacher in the nursery...

And this is our favorite Miss Rachel...Anna Lauren's afternoon teacher and the only "babysitter" that we have let keep Anna Lauren. We will still have Miss Rachel come babysit...

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Look How Cute & Check out my Croc's

We bought Anna Lauren a pair of Croc's last weekend. Daddy is so excited we got her a pair. He has been looking for a while. Also Big and Little Buddy got Anna Lauren this outfit for her birthday. Little Buddy wanted a picture.

Pictures from The Wharf

Here a few pictures from our trip to the Wharf last weekend.

This is what Anna Lauren really thought of the sand.

Daddy and Anna Lauren going down the slide.

Anna Lauren made some new friends at the pool.

She thought it would be great fun to push the luggage cart. She was able to push it herself.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Summer Fun Has Begun...

Well, the summer fun has begun at our house...we left Friday after work and headed to Orange Beach and got to stay there through today. We owe Poppie and MeMe a "big" thank you for letting us stay in their condo this was not rented this weekend so they were kind enough to let us have a little "get away" and enjoy the condo...just Matt, Anna Lauren, and was such a special treat for the three of us to get to spend some time together with no distractions...just us! This weekend was such a reminder of how much I truly love Matt and Anna Lauren...I often take for granted how much God has blessed me and need to be reminded.

Now...we are home until Friday and will hit the road again...this time to Gulfport. Matt and I will be doing a duathlon Saturday morning and then we will spend the rest of the Memorial Day weekend with Matt's family...we are most excited because we will get to see cousin Spencer (from Atlanta) and cousin Annie (from Nashville).

Then our weekends will be continue to be filled with races, visiting family, back to the beach, etc. There will be much to post about in the coming weeks / months.

Sorry no pictures from this weekend...I have not got them downloaded...been too busy doing laundry, etc. to prepare for the work / school week. Hopefully will post some later this week...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Bike Update...

Well, the check has been written...Matt is a proud owner of a new triathlon bike! This is not the best picture because he was going up and down the street way too fast, and I did not have our good lens on the camera. But...this gives you an idea of what you will be seeing this summer. Now...I'm a little anxious to see if this "great" bike improves his time! We shall see...looks like the next race on the calendar will be the Woolmarket duathlon Memorial Day weekend...Matt and I will both be racing that weekend...2 mile run, 10 or 12 mile bike, and then 1 mile run.

Sad news of the day...daycare called and Anna Lauren had fever (102.4). We took her to the after hours clinic to find both of her ears are infected. We've got her started on all her medicine so hopefully she will be back to her normal self in a couple days. Nanna to the rescue tomorrow so mommy and daddy can work...Nanna will take great care of her, and I'm sure they will enjoy their day together.

Hands and Feet...

Whoever knew a little girls hands and feet would bring tears to her mother's eyes and remind her of just how thankful she is for those little feet that never stop and those hands that touch everything in sight.

Anna Lauren did two different art projects for me this mother's day, and they are so special...I will definitely cherish them forever, and I'm sure embarrass her one day by pulling them out in front of a boyfriend or something silly that us "mothers" do to our children.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Mother's day...I know that I enjoyed my special day with my sweet little family. It was so much fun to feel like a "mom" this year...Anna Lauren was only 8 weeks old last year and we were on our way to the beach so it had not really sank in that I was a mom...therefore, this year was definitely a special day!

And not only am I thankful for my precious daughter, I have a husband that I love more than words can express...he is not only the most amazing husband, he is the most amazing daddy to Anna Lauren. God has truly blessed me...

These are Anna Lauren's art projects ~ she did the top one at school and the bottom at church.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Potential New Bike...

Matt had been tossing the idea of buying a triathlon bike...but...we kept saying it was not time. He needed to continue riding his road bike and get just a little stronger before we splurged and bought a triathlon bike (in case you don't know...these things don't come cheap). And our main goal right now is supposed to be paying off Matt's car so that I can get a new car...not buying other forms of transportation such as a bike that will only hold Matthew!

As I said, it is not time for a new bike! But...the boys began talking and decided it was time...the boys (Eugene and Matt) begin working up a grand plan...Eugene talks his wife into letting him get a new bike (he upgraded) and Matt will buy his bike. So...they talk and talk and talk some more and finally after ordering a few parts and working on Eugene's bike, Matt was able to ride it for the first time today. He is supposedly riding the bike on a "trial" basis and if he does not like it, he will return the bike to Eugene. you think that is going to happen? Of course not, Matt rode the bike today and "loved" it!

So...with that being said, I think the below picture is what you will be seeing this triathlon season...
I really have given Matt a hard time about buying the bike, but in all honesty, I am so very proud of him and would be willing to buy him anything to support his training / racing. It is a huge part of our marriage and one of my favorite things we do together as a couple / family. Anna Lauren cannot swim and ride with us, but she misses very few runs.

Muffins with Mom...

Anna Lauren and I had such a fun morning as we participated in "muffins with mom" at daycare. We had breakfast together in the cafeteria with all the other moms and their children. It was nice because I actually took time to sit down and eat breakfast with my child...something I never do because there is never enough time in the mornings...I eat whatever can ride on my lap and be eaten while driving to work.

God has truly blessed Matt and I with a wonderful gift...Anna Lauren is so precious, and we love her to pieces! As we remember our mothers this weekend, my prayer is that we can raise Anna Lauren to be a child of God just as our mothers instilled in us throughout our lives. Matt and I are both so fortunate to have such wonderful mothers!

Since we were dressed and happy this morning, we took a few pictures before leaving for "muffins with mom"...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

First Hair Cut...

I know...I know...the child does not really have enough hair to be cut! But...I had in my head that if I got it "trimmed" it would grow thicker and healthier. So...I made an appointment with Louis and we went this afternoon. When we first got there, Anna Lauren was watching Louis cut someone else's hair and was just fine. Then her daddy walked in the door, and I think at that point she knew something must be about to happen...strange man cutting hair, mommy, daddy, camera, etc. She began to wimper and we begin thinking maybe this wasn't just a great idea.

Then it was our turn and Louis was fabulous...of course he is a perfectionist to say the least so he was determined to cut every piece of hair on her head (just as he does mine). He told me to stand and hold Anna Lauren, and he would just move with her head. He was so quick and made every move she made...not to mention, listened to her scream the whole time...she hated it!

Yes, we have taken the passie away (except at nap and night time), but we thought it may help the such luck...she continued to scream!

Can you believe it? She has enough hair to be held by a clip...she is such a big girl!

It was worth the screaming...look how pretty her hair is laying now.

Proudly showing off her new hair worries...she was not traumatized for that long...she was as happy as she could be once she got home.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bar Admission Ceremony...

Today we had the honor to attend Eugene's Bar Admission Ceremony. We are so very proud of him and honored that we were asked to attend his ceremony and be a part of this special day!

It is official...Eugene and Jennifer are now both licensed to practice law in Mississippi!
All the Buddies...

Eugene Proudly Holding His License...

Sunday School Picnic...

This past Sunday our Sunday School class had a "family" picnic. Our class has really grown (many babies have been born) over the past couple years so lately we have done some socials without children because the crowd gets big really fast when everyone brings along the kiddos. But...with the pretty weather here, we had a "family" picnic. It was so fun to watch all the children play...and here are a few pictures of our sweet Anna Lauren loving the playground!
Anna Lauren truly thought she was big enough to climb the rock climbing wall...