Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Smiles for a "Working" Mommy...

I consider myself to have two "Millsaps" job and my "Mommy" job, and I am completely fine with that because I know God did not create me to stay at home with Anna Lauren. I love her to pieces, but I am a much better mommy to her and wife to Matt because I go to work from 8:00 to 4:30 everyday. And on a side note, I'm a much better employee, mommy, and wife if I get a run, bike, or swim in at least 5 times a week!

Anyway, from time to time, I get an e-mail from someone at Anna Lauren's school that just makes me smile, and I want to share what I got this week that just brightened my day!

Now...after looking at these pictures, you need not to worry about Anna Lauren. Is the kid having the time of her life at school with her friends or what?

Left to Right: Carson, Kenly, Anna Lauren, Holli Grace, Rhodes, and Kaylee

Left to Right: Carson ~ she loves La La (what the kids call Anna Lauren), Kenly (church and school friend), Anna Lauren, Holli Grace (been together since they started school), Rhodes, and Kaylee

And the girls with the "one and only" Rachel (Ra Ra)...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Clinton Brick Street 5K...

Just for fun, we ran the Clinton Brick Street 5K last night...and what fun we had!

Matt and I were convinced Anna Lauren did not have a "prissy" bone in her body until we watched her walk from the car to the start line of the race last night. Be sure to notice her cell phone she is carrying on her arm and the fabulous "glasses" as she calls them.

Anna Lauren was so excited about racing...she just kept saying, I want to race, I want to race. Well, about 1.5 miles into the race she said...I done racing...get out! Thankfully Big Buddy (Eugene) was spectating, and he took her off our hands and entertained her while we finished the race. Anna Laurn loves Big Buddy and we appreciate him helping us with her!

Here we are running together once again...Mandi, Matt, and Jennifer (Little Buddy)

Little Buddy and Big Buddy (the babysitter)

Little Buddy, Anna Lauren, and Mandi

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cousin Dinner...

My two 1st cousins and I have been the in Jackson area together for the past 11 years...we all three went to MC and then got married and stayed in Jackson to continue school, work, begin our families, etc. And now the time has come for Carrie to move back to Brookhaven for her husband to begin his career as a radiologist.

We try our best to get together at least once a month for dinner and tonight was our last "dinner" together before the Sones Family moves back to Brookhaven.

I tried to capture a few pictures, but have you ever tried to take a picture of 6 children who are 4 years old and under...I don't think it is possible so I resorted to individual shots of our precious children.

Bill, Carrie, David, John, and Drew ~ we will miss you bunches, but we are so thankful you are just an hour away and in a town that we just happen to visit often! We wish you the best as you make your new "home" in Brookhaven!

David ~ 4 Years Old ~ Son of Bill and Carrie

John ~ 2 Years Old ~ Son of Bill and Carrie

Drew ~ 1 Year Old ~ Son of Bill and Carrie

Anna Lauren ~ 2 Years Old ~ Our precious daughter!

Parker ~ 3 Years Old ~ Son of Stevie and Emily

Mallory ~ 5 Months Old ~ Daughter of Stevie and Emily

Here is my attempt to get a picture of at least 4 of the 6...
Left to Right: David, John, Anna Lauren, and Parker

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fun at the Beach...

We left on Thursday and headed to Matt's parent's condo in Orange Beach. The main reason for going was the Mullet Man Triathlon, but we also enjoyed a few days away at the beach.

The Voss Family (above) met us there...they are our dear friends that moved to Meridian last June. Kristi and Matt both participated in the race...Me, John, and the kiddos were just along for the fun.

Holt's birthday is Tuesday so we took his birthday present to him...a dump truck, which quickly became the favorite toy. This is Holt taking Anna Lauren for a ride.

John David and Holt waiting in line to ride the Farris Wheel at the Wharf...John David rode it the night before but Anna Lauren and Holt choose not to ride. Well, the next night...they were ready to ride...I just knew they would get to the top and get scared...Matt said Anna Lauren was standing up having the time of her fear, as always!

Thanks to the Buddies (Eugene and Jennifer) Anna Lauren had the perfect shirt to wear to her daddy's race. Everyone loved it and kept saying...look at her shirt, look at her was fun!

Matt going into the water...he is on the far left / back of the group.
This picture just gives you an idea of how rough the water was...good luck finding Matt...I don't even have a clue where he is, and I was there taking the picture.

Matt coming out of the water and thinking...running through this sand is for the birds...they had to run much further through the sand than anticipated due to where they had to go in / out of the water due to the roughness of the waves.

And if you have looked at Matt's triathlon pictures before, you know, we always get a wave. He always looks for us and makes a point to acknowledge Anna Lauren...this is him waving to her and saying, "hey pretty"...he is the best daddy!
If you look at this picture, he looks comfortable and ready to ride the 17 miles set before him. But...for the first time in his triathlon career, after 9 1/2 miles, he got a flat tire. He had what he needed to change the tire, but his "air" did not cooperate so he could not get the new tire aired up. And instead of getting frustrated, he quickly become the "Good Samaritan" of the race.
A young girl was doing her first triathlon and hit the same hole that Matt hit and got a flat tire as well. She did not have anything to change her tire so she and Matt started walking with him assuring her not to worry...his wife watched the time closely and would come looking for him sooner rather than later if he didn't retun. Then it clicked with him that he blew out his back tire, and she blew out her front tire. So he took his front wheel off his bike and put it on her bike so she could finish the race...he did not want her to miss out on completing her "1st" triathlon. He got a ride back in before I received his phone call and then decided to go ahead and complete the run even though he had been disqualified due to his flat tire / getting a ride back.
I cannot tell you how proud I was of him for helping the girl...her family and friends were so appreciative and told him over and over...thank you. And what makes the story even more fun is that she is a student at Mississippi College and will be doing some of the other races we will be doing around the Jackson area. So we will get to see her again and see how she does as a triathlete.
And...what goes around comes I'm confident Matt will one day be rewarded for this good deed.
This is Matt finishing up the run...considering all he had been through before actually running, he had a great run and his time was much better than he had hoped.

As we were leaving today, I captured this picture of Anna Lauren. We loaded up the cart to carry all of our stuff to the car, and she was determined to push it to the car...and of course, we let her. And then as soon as she got to the car, she grabbed the goldfish off the cart and sat down in the middle of the parking lot and starting eating them. These are the moments you are glad you have your camera close by...the funny things kids do!

Matt's Birthday...

Last Tuesday, we had a pretty "low key" celebration for Matt's 31st birthday, which is what he wanted since we were going to the beach on Thursday. However, Anna Lauren and I tried our best to treat him extra special and make his day the best it could possibly be.

Matt started his birthday by watching Anna Lauren open his birthday presents...
Matt's Aunt Kay makes the best chex mix, and she always "spoils" him and brings him some every time she sees him. Well, to his surprise, he got some in the mail for his birthday, and he was so excited. But...we have a problem, Aunt Kay! You must send "two" bags in the future because this caused quite a fuss between Matt and Anna Lauren...she is so her daddy's child!

And then for breakfast, Matt had his favorite...chocolate covered, sprinkled donuts!

I don't have any more pictures from the day, but he enjoyed Miller's Grill for lunch and then Mexican for dinner. It was all his "favorites"! And the night was ended by shopping for a bike carrier for the Expedition so we could carry his bike to the beach for his triathlon. Sounds fun, huh?
Happy Birthday, Matt / Daddy! We love you so very much!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


The Easter Bunny stopped at our house last night and left Anna Lauren some goodies...she seemed to like all her treats but the suckers were by far her favorite!

All dressed and ready for church in our new clothes...

Our "self" portrait....kind of funny but it actually turned out pretty good...

We went to my mom's house for lunch and one of her neighbors brought over a "live" bunny for the kids to see. Anna Lauren was "ok" as long as she was in my lap, but she had no desire to touch the bunny and did not want it to come close to her.

Once again, hunting eggs...however, it was fun at Nanna's house because many of the eggs had money in them.

Anna Lauren decided she didn't want to use her basket because it had grass in used mine from when I was a little girl. My brothers and I had the same baskets our entire life, and I hope to do the same for Anna Lauren.

Left to Right: Ashton, Reid, Anna Lauren, and Jake. And yes, I get the Bad Aunt award of the day because I didn't get any pictures of precious Bently, and she was so cute today in her Easter clothes. I promise I will get some of her next time I see her because I must show her off...she is adorable!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend, and I hope you and your family did as well. If you haven't already, take a few minutes to focus on the "real" reason of the day...HE IS ALIVE!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Daddy's Girl...

I was in the kitchen making dessert for Easter lunch, and I decided I better check on Matt and Anna Lauren because it was much quiter than normal. When I came around the corner, this is what I sweet! It is exhausting to have as much fun as we have been having the past couple days!

And if you are wondering, Anna Lauren is a "daddy's girl"...very seldom does she want her mommy!

Dying Easter Eggs...

Anna Lauren stirring the cups of dye to make sure all the tablets have dissolved so she can begin putting her eggs in the cups.


Daddy and Anna Lauren dying our Easter eggs...

Anna Lauren was not interested in the "dipper"...she thought it was much more fun to use her hands to get the eggs out of the dye...who cares if her hands were six different colors!

The finished pretty!

It Fits...It Fits...

The time has come once again for triathlon season, which Matt will kick off next weekend by doing the Mullet Man Triathlon in Orange Beach. I made the decision for Matt that he would not go to Orange Beach without a wetsuit because you just never know about the weather in April. He was not too thrilled with my decision but decided he did not have a choice because I was "serious" about this decision.

When he called to rent a wetsuit, the lady said all I can do is send you the biggest one I have, but I am not making any promises it will fit. As we all know, Matt does not have the "typical" figure for a triathlete, but he is not afraid to put his spandax on and swim, bike, and run with the best of them...and oh how I love him for this...and better always comes with a smile on his face because he is always having the time of his life...he just loves it!

Long story short, this has just become a funny joke at our house...Matt wearing a wetsuit! So today, we headed out with our good friend, Eugene for a wetsuit lesson / swim, and it went pretty well...a few good laughs but the wetsuit "fit" and went on / off much better than we ever expected.

Matt putting on the wetsuit for the 1st was just like a lady putting on stockings.
Matt and Eugene all zipped up ready to go...

For some reason I just love this picture...they were trying to decide where they were going to swim...Eugene was so patient / helpful, and he wanted to make sure they had a good plan because we had no idea how Matt was going to react once he got in the water in the wetsuit.

Matt just being Matt...he was so proud he got himself in the wetsuit...I'm telling you, it was so funny because Matt was "Mr. Drama"...

When Anna Lauren heard we were going to Reunion for Daddy to swim, she immediately had to put her swimsuit on because she loves the water. However, it was way too cold for her to play in the water, but she did test her limits to find out for herself that the water was too cold.

Eugene coaching Matt as to how to come out of the suit. Matt was pleased with how well it went and he plans to swim one more time this week before jumping into the ocean next Saturday.